Index of /gnu/Licenses/

agpl-3.0.txt                                       30-Sep-2017 07:14     34K
fdl-1.1.txt                                        30-Sep-2017 07:15     18K
fdl-1.2.txt                                        30-Sep-2017 07:15     20K
fdl-1.3.txt                                        10-Feb-2022 06:14     22K
gpl-1.0.txt                                        23-Mar-2010 23:34     12K
gpl-2.0.txt                                        23-Mar-2010 23:34     18K
gpl-3.0.txt                                        30-Sep-2017 07:14     34K
lgpl-2.0.txt                                       10-Feb-2022 06:14     25K
lgpl-2.1.txt                                       23-Mar-2010 23:34     26K
lgpl-3.0.txt                                       30-Sep-2017 07:14    7652

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